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Monday, April 25, 2005

Ben had this posted on his site, (Click on the link for "Ben" on the sidebar if you want to see his answers too). Since I FINALLY finished my essay tonight, and it's not quite bedtime yet, I figured I'd post my answers too.

Three Names You Go By: Janice. JanA** . Jan-iss-suh (Korean pronunciation!)

Three Screen Names You Have: I don't think I have screen names.

Three Things You Like About Yourself: My creativity, my sense of humour and my belly button.

Three Things You Dislike About Yourself: My selfishness, my laziness, and the chubbiness around my belly button.

Three Parts of Your Heritage: Scottish, German, Irish

Three Things That Scare You: Drunk Drivers, airplane turbulence and George W Bush.

Three Everyday Essentials: coffee, toothpaste, prayer. (not necessarily in that order. Although coffee after toothpaste is not recommended)

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now: a red plaid shirt, blue plaid PJ bottoms, and blue Pucca slippers.

Three Favorite Bands/Artists: Simon&Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen, Diana Krall.

Three Favorite Songs At Present: None stand out in particular.

Three Things You Want To Try And Do In The Next Twelve Months: Make it home for Christmas, lose 10 pounds, learn more Korean.

Three Things You Want In A Relationship: Humour, intelligence and a dishwasher. (I'll cook, but it'd be best if someone else washed up after.)

Two Truths And A Lie: I jumped out of an airplane. I threw up in an airplane. I flew an airplane.

Three Physical Things About The Opposite Sex That Appeal To You: collarbone, eyes, shoulders.

Three Things You Just Can't Do: yoga, eat chicken feet, tell a believable lie.

Three Favorite Hobbies: pottery, hiking, reading

Three Things I Want To Do Really Bad Right Now: brush my teeth, see my family, change into matching clothes, now that you've all read I'm wearing two different types of plaid.

Three Careers You Have Considered: Bible Translator, Museum Curator, teacher (oh! doing that one now!)

Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation: Thailand, Namibia, Italy

Three Kid's Names You Have Considered: Gregory, Samora, Victoria. (Keep in mind, I haven't thought about kids names since I was about 13, they are subject to change)

Three Things You Want To Do before You Die: I can't think of anything specific. I've done a lot of what I want to do. Everything else is a bonus. Hmm, maybe get married someday. Oh, and eat at that Lebanese restaurant in SoHo again.

There, that's all. Feel free to add your own answers!

Friday, April 22, 2005

No, it's not the Yellow Rose of Texas.

It's the Yellow Dust from China. Every spring, the sands of the Gobi Desert are whipped up into a massive dust cloud that sweeps over parts of Asia. Every spring, the cloud of dust settles on Korean cities for 2-3 days at a time before being blown or rained away. This year, the dust has come more often than any year since 1990. It makes your eyes water and burn, your throat itch and your nose sniffle. You can't really see it, but you feel as though you're covered in grime. The latest cloud arrived on Wednesday, and should blow away by the weekend. It's such a shame, because in every other respect, Korean springs are gorgeous.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Yes indeed. I woke up at 6:14 this morning because my bed was shaking. At first, I thought it was because of the cat scratching vigorously. However, when I looked, she was curled up beside me, with her head all perked up and attentive. Then I heard my dishes rattle a bit. Just a small tremor, but I can't remember the last time I felt an earthquake. I stayed awake for a few minutes and decided on the best "duck and cover" location in my apartment in the event of a stronger quake, then went back to sleep.

The tremor I felt was a result of a magnitude 5.7 earthquake in Fukuoka Japan at 6:11 this morning. I've been to Fukuoka before, it's a pleasant little city that also suffered a magnitude 7 earthquake about a month ago, which caused quite a bit of damage and 1 death. The only news article I could find on today's quake was 1 sentence long and didn't include any news of damage or injury.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Royal Wedding.

I'm a sucker for Royal weddings ~ mostly because I like to watch the clothes. I remember sitting glued to the little TV in my Grandparents camper during a raging thunderstorm many many moons ago the last time Charles got married. Although I had made no specific plans to watch Charles and Camilla finally tie the knot, (or, as the narrator in the movie "Love in the Afternoon" says, they "came before the magistrate, and were stentenced to a life of Holy Matrimony.") However, a few of us were having dinner at a friends house, and coverage of the event started at 7pm (we left at midnight and it was still on). As we watched, I could think of only one word to describe what I was seeing. PLUMAGE. Never have I seen so many feathers stuck, stuffed, perched or spewing forth from, atop so many noggins. I was agog. Our after-dinner conversation was frequently interrupted with exclamations of utter disbelief at some of the creations people had chosen to leave their homes wearing. Big Bird, Sitting Bull, and the sprites from Midsummer Night's Dream would have blended in with ease. Although, to be fair, most of my head gear is knitted out of chunky wool, and has ear flaps. But somehow, that still seems better than feathers. Maybe.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

A word from my toes:

Ahhhhh, freedom. After months of being hidden, swaddled and forgotten, we are free again. We knew something was up on Saturday when we were scrubbed and trimmed and painted pretty colours. Then, today, we were freed from our socks and dark shoes and spent the days out in the lovely warmth and sunshine. It's sandal season. Now, instead of being smothered in wool, we can see the sky, the cherry blossoms and sometimes, up Janice's nose. (We're at a bad angle, really). All the way to class today the 10 of us joined in singing gustily the ancient chorus all toes are taught: "This lit tle pee kee wentto mar ket. This lit tle pee kee stayed ho ome." Ahhh. What a lovely feeling. We would tell you more, but it seems like the job of typing is best left to the fingers. It's not our forte.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Happy Arbour Day!

Yes, here in Korea, it's Arbour Day. Which means that we get the day off, and 4 of us happily spent an hour picking out flowers at the local nursery, and another hour playing in the dirt re-potting them. I spent about $22 for a total of 11 plants, including a jasmine plant that's just about to bloom, and is a foot high. I also picked up some daisies, a daffodil, a blue hyacinth, and other pretty little things that I don't know.

It's also an absolutely gorgeous day for a holiday. I've opened all my windows and doors, and now my apartment has that gorgeous, warm, fresh spring smell. Aaahhhhh. The magnolia trees have started to blossom here too, but the grass is still brown, and most of the trees are still bare.

Yesterday was really beautiful too ~ and a good thing! I was locked out of my classroom in the Art building. Instead of trying to hunt down the key in the Administration office (picture the clutter and mess of an artists studio, then try to attach the term 'administration office' to it. Do you think the key would be easy to find??) I marched my class outside. We started class in the amphitheatre, which was perfect until the Korean drummers started to practice. What a day.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

(No) Thanks to Leno...

I watched Jay Leno last night, so it was probably an episode that aired a few nights ago in Canada and it's large Southern province. He had this segment on "Googlewhacking". ( Which, as some of you may not know, is the process of typing 2 random words into a Google search engine trying to come up with only a single hit on a related webpage. I gave it a stab this morning, and "diaphanous chamberpot" came back with 142 hits. I got closer with "paleontologist sousaphone" with only 43 hits. My best (before I needed to stop and eat) was "metalinguistics crud" with 8 hits. Which, wouldn't you know, included a Blog entry about Krispy Kreme donuts ~ written by a linguistics student!!! I think I'd have a much better chance of getting a Googlewhack if people didn't blog about weird things. (Yes, I'm aware of the irony).