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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Things I Never Thought...

Yes, I know I've been quite un-post-ish for the past . I've been enjoying a fantastic trip home, but thought I'd better sit down and share with you some precious moments from my conversations with my niece and nephew. Over the past week, I've said some things I never thought I'd say. I'm particularly amazed that each utterance was actually context appropriate.

1. "Logan, watch where you're pointing that unicorn." This was spoken only seconds before the inflatable unicorn Logan won at the fair found its way into the unsuspecting crotch of a man walking by.

2. "Kaitlyn, I'm having trouble throwing a cotton-ball at the dolphin with a unicorn in my hand." What, you can't figure out the context of this one? We were playing cotton-ball baseball using the inflatable fair prizes as bats, of course.

3. (My personal favourite.) "Logan, please don't lick my cheese bag." That one's pretty straight forward, and means exactly what it says.