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Monday, June 01, 2009

Adventures in Popping in to Visit Long Lost Blogs...

Crreeeeeaaaakkkk. (Rusty door hinges objecting to being called into service.)

Thumpa Thumpa Thumpa. (Summer-lovin' flip flops wading through inches of dust.)

Hello?? Anybody home? (Me, calling out in a wee whisper.)


jsadoifneroifj pikj osossdooooo (cat, walking across the keyboard.)

Stupid, interrupting, soft, furry cutesy snookums of an annoying cat. (Me, unwilling to commit to an opinion about Catticus.)


Hmmmm. I wonder where they went? Where did my colony of tiny typing gnomes go? Apparently, as of September 29th, 2008 they were still here making people think that I was writing this drivel on my own. I admit I haven't checked in on them for a while, but since they're not too keen on human company, and are a self-sufficient lot, I figured they were still writing away. I admit they weren't the most industrious of typing gnome colonies. My friend Melanie has some top-notch gnomes who seem to post with stunning regularity. Mine spent most of their time sleeping on dust bunnies under my desk or trying to sneak servings of kimchi out of my fridge. Nothing puts you off your lunch faster than a half-frozen typing gnome passed out in your kimchi. Especially if he still has dust bunny residue all over his beard. Gross. Nonetheless, they did ocassionally manage to produce some sort of quasi-coherent paragraphs once in a while.

Hmmm. I wonder where they went. Well dear reader(s), until I manage to find another colony willing to work for ample quantities of dust and fermented cabbage, you'll either be stuck with my own ramblings or lengthy spells of nothin' at all.