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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Feuding Felines...

It looks like a picture of domestic bliss at the moment ~ one cat sprawled out on the bed, eyes half closed, one paw draped over the edge. One cat curled up between my typing arms, head resting in the crook of my arm, rear end agravatingly close to the space b ar. Aging spinster (oops, I mean lovely young teacher) sipping some iced tea as she types.

Yup, I'm kitty-sitting. Actually, more like the "Flying Fur Intervention Service". Mike went home for a few weeks and had nobody close by to take care of Venus, so yesterday I brought her home with me on the train. Catticus was not pleased. There's been a lot of hissing and growling, but no all out brawling. For the moment they've agreed to give each other their space. (I think it might be to hot to fight.) 54rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr6555555 (That was Venus strolling across the keyboard ~ sorry, it's even too hot to bother with the BackSpace key.)

In other news, ... well, there really is no other news. Mom and Dad have gone home, and I miss 'em. The cats are quiet for the time being, I had Spinich/Mozzarella pasta for lunch, I'm going to curl up infront of the fan with a good book for the afternoon, and I haven't killed any plants for at least 3 weeks (thanks mom!). See, I told you - there really is no other news.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mom and Dad are now safely home, but evidence suggests they adapted to Korea quite well.  Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 01, 2005

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Sorry, I still haven't learned how to get more than one picture on a post. I thought I had it, but I was wrong. Blah. Posted by Picasa

Here are Mom and Dad (1) at the Emille Bell in Kyoungju, (2) infront of a pond at the Bulguksa temple, (3) near a big drum at the Bulguksa temple, and (4) with a soldier in the North Korea/South Korea meeting room in the DMZ. Posted by Picasa