Making my way through Asia (and grad school) one adventurous step at a time.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Adventures in Downgrades...

Just an addendum to last night's post. First, was a night of house-hunting in dreamland. Next, there was a search for an apartment in dreamland. Last night found me dreaming I was sleeping in a tent eating M&Ms. Will tonight be a cardboard box, or a tree limb?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Adventures in Absolutely Nothing...

After much anticipation, the 5-day Chuseok holiday is upon us. Instead of battling the teeming masses of humanity descending on every flight, train, bus and highway, I've chosen to stay home, relax and get caught up on my "I'll do that later" list. I have spent the last 2 days fluttering between the sofa (watching movies, Murder She Wrote, and an unending stream of CSI episodes on a 48+ hour CSI Marathon on one of the Korean channels), cleaning my balcony (Good heavens, how long has that plant been dead?, Eww, what kind of bug is that and how long has it been dead? What on earth is in that box, and why have I been keeping it?), reading and playing Scrabulous. As a result, there hasn't been much Bloogabler material. (Ha, I meant to write Bloggable, but Bloogabler is such a bubbly tasting word, I left it in for you to enjoy too.)

As is often the case when my days are routine, my nights are not. Two night ago I dreamed I was house-hunting. I found a delightful place with a pink kitchen, a rooftop garden with a view of the bay, and the option to either descend into the basement via the stairs, or the carpeted slide. Last night, I dreamed I was looking for an apartment. After finding a suitable place, I went to the grocery store. My purchases came to $19.06, so I paid $20 and waited for my $3.25 in change. The clerk refused to give me my change. It wasn't the $3.25 that she disputed (somehow, both of us and the cash register agreed that that was the correct amount). No, her rationale was "If I give everyone change, I won't have any money left in my till." I was furious. I was entitled to $3.25 change, and she couldn't just keep it! I wrestled her out of the way, grabbed a $3 bill and a quarter from the cash register, and was on my way.

I woke up with a strong determination to send my sub-conscious back to Math class.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Adventures in Rhythm ...

Some of you may be a bit bemused by the title of this post. Everyone know I have no rhythm. However, one of the things I really enjoy about the job I have is that every semester, the rhythm of my life changes. Every semester, I get a new schedule, and the first week or two are quite hectic: finding classrooms hidden in different buildings around campus, meeting new students, finding times to fit in things like lunch and the gym. In the midst of this semi-annual upheaval, patterns start to develop, and the rhythm of each week starts to take on a distinct beat. As I'm focusing on getting stuff done, and remembering where I'm supposed to be at what time, I start to notice certain things just seem to be happening at certain times. This autumn, I have discovered a new rhythm that I really enjoy. After I get home from my last class each day, I put the kettle on. While the water is boiling, I change into my comfy house-clothes and prepare my teapot. As the tea is steeping, I either water the plants or hang up a load of laundry. As I sip my cup of tea, I take out my school folder, and finish any residual bits of paperwork I've left floating about all day in "I'll Do It Later Land". Then I finish my tea as I shut down my work-brain and rev up my groovin' and chillin' brain. Last week, as I was discovering this new ritual which had found its way into my days, I thought to myself "What a lovely way to remember to water the plants!"

An aside: Yesterday was the first day in over a week that we saw the sun. It's been pouring rain everyday since the semester started at the end of August. That's quite something, considering July is the rainy season.