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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Adventures in Pottery...

Tomorrow is Thursday ~ my favourite day of the week. Even though I have an early class, I finish teaching at noon, then head off to pottery class. The picture on the left is the largest/least wobbly piece I've made in the past 3 years. (And yes, since the flowers in it are green and blossoming, you can be sure they are fake.) I'm thrilled that so far this semester, none of my pottery has cracked, wobbled, toppled, warped or contracted a horrible case of the uglies. There are still many weeks to go before the semester is over at which point the pieces will face unforseen traumas lurking in the glazing/firing process. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though. So far, so good.

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DJ Horse said...

Hi Janice. This is Janet. It was good to here from you. I've just been looking at your blog. I think blogs are the funnest thing. I wish everyone I knew who lived in far off places had one.

Hey, I'm a little jelous that you are learning how to do pottery. I've always wanted to - my last name was Potter.

Your blender (we won it at your rock -paper-scissors give away) just bit the dust. In the middle of a baby food making bonanza no less. Noah had to eat chunky food, which I think he really liked, so it was good.