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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Adventures in weather forcasts...

I checked the weather forcast tonight before heading off to bed. Next week is just not looking good:

Today Tomorrow Tue Wed Thu 6-10 Day
sky: showers

Rain Late

High: 18°
Low: 11°
sky: showers


High: 16°
Low: 10°
sky: showers

Light Rain

High: 20°
Low: 10°
sky: scattered thunderstorms

AM Showers

High: 22°
Low: 10°
sky: showers


High: 15°


Liam said...

after all that poisonous fog this past weekend, I'm glad for the rain.

Janice said...

Liam, you have a point. I was just hoping for 1 or 2 days of rain to wash away the vile stuff...not a full week!

Melanie said...

Alright, so the rain is not so smurfy, but... the temperatures are all in the high teens! Stop yer whinin'!