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Monday, June 05, 2006

Adventures in Aclimatization...

I now feel as though I've officially passed two very important milestones in my Korean adventure.

1) I must now have the right amount of kimchi, fermented soybean paste and tofu in my system to be attractive to Korean mosquitoes. This is my first year noticing multiple bites.

2) It's 31 degrees outside, and I wore a cardigan to class because I want to save my summer clothes for when it gets hot.


Anonymous said...

That's hot does it get?

kim hogg said...

Haha- I know what you mean. I'm still wearing thick cotton camisoles under my shirts in preparation for when it gets hot here. Geez- 31? I thought it was rather pleasant!

DJ Horse said...'re making me hungry. A family of Koreans live in our building and the food they have shared with us is so yummy. Although - and I'm pretty confident they will never read this - it's really, really stinky when it is being prepared!

Janice said...

My favourite soup here is 'DwenJung Chiggae', which is a fermented soybean paste soup. Until I was able to pronounce the name, I always called it "stinky soy soup", because it smells soooo bad when it's cooking. Once it's in the mouth though, all is forgiven.