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Saturday, May 15, 2004

One more list...

As some of you know, this year I'm reading my way through the BBC's list of most loved English books. Not all of them are great, but at least it gets me reading things I usually wouldn't choose.

Now, thanks to Ben's Blog, I've decided to start working my way through the top 100 wonders of the world. Hopefully by the time I retire, I'll have seen at least one on each continent.

I've been to
#2 - the Great Wall of China (9 thumbs up)
#16 - the Forbidden City (8 thumbs up)
#73 - New York Skyline (I couldn't see my thumbs. It was dark)
#88 - Statue of Liberty (I was far away, so it was the size of 1 thumb)
#94 - British Museum. (5 thumbs up.)

Let me know where you've been! And assume you have 10 thumbs to rate 'em with.

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